• You know how to run an e-commerce business.

    You just need a little help.


    Learning the ins and outs of any business can be tricky – but e-commerce is fast-paced and constantly changing.


    Work with me, and let's accelerate your business together.

  • E-commerce business owners need to do a lot, know a lot, and support a lot of people. Sometimes, you wish you could just have a knowledgeable mentor, teacher, and coach to tell you what to do. After all, most fields of entrepreneurship offer people a network to help them achieve success.

    That's where I come in.

  • Connect with us

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  • One on one coaching works.

      Entrepreneurs who got coaching help from more experienced business owners found that:

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    agreed it impacted their business's ability to grow and survive

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    they were 5x

    more likely to stay in business

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    increase in net income

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    My Method

    It's different, but good different.


    You'll notice right off the bat that working with me is a bit different.


    Mindset is important (and my life would be very different if I had let myself be held back by the limiting belief that I can't do "technical stuff"!), but it isn't the whole story.


    My work with clients is grounded in the skills, techniques, methods, relationships, and deep knowledge of someone who is in the thick of the industry.


    I'm here to:

    • Look at what you're doing and tell you when to pivot and when to stay on course
    • Be that person when you just need someone who knows what to do (or who to connect with!)
    • Show you exactly how to start off right
    • Help you and your business grow to levels you never dreamed of
    Get in touch today to book your 1:1 consultation.
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    Laura Busulwa | About Me

    I have been working in e-commerce since 2015. With a background in auditing, the e-commerce life has thrilled, consumed, and fascinated me for years. In that time, I soon became a mum to five and the owner of an ever-expanding business.


    I started Untethered in 2020 when I saw too many brilliant people losing their way in a rapidly shifting digital environment.


    There I was, adjusting and thriving, while so many people just like me were struggling because they lacked guidance.


    I'm here to change that. My vision for Untethered is an expansive, welcoming community where people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds will learn to master their online businesses and create lives worth earning.

  • Our Process

    What you can expect


    Free 30-Minute 1:1 Consultation

    Book your free 1:1 30-minute business consultation where we can discuss exactly where you are in your business, your vision, and your goals.


    Choose Session Package

    Based on where you are in your business and what you need next, we'll work together to develop a custom roadmap for our work together.


    Ongoing Coaching

    Depending on your needs, we'll either meet regularly or as-you-need-it to work together on growing your business.

  • Get the guidance you need to grow your business for long-term profits.

    Click below to book your 30-minute consultation.