• We Are Untethered

    We are moms.

    We are business owners.

    We are e-commerce success stories. 

    We Are Untethered

  • Live The Way You Want To.

    Thrive on Your Own Terms.

    We are the Women Who Want Both

    At Untethered, we teach moms to succeed in e-commerce by working smarter instead of harder.


    Using proven methods and tested strategy developed by over five years of e-commerce success, we help moms conquer fear and gain financial freedom to live the way they want to.

  • About Laura

    The Untethered Mompreneur

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    Laura Busulwa

    First Lady of Financial Freedom

    For the mom who needs to hear this: you can do this.


    In 2015, I was you. I was stuck in a job that didn't pay me enough to be as tired as I was. I had three children (five now!) and I was ready to give them so much more.


    When I began my e-commerce journey five years ago, I never imagined that I would be leading five successful e-commerce companies. After all, I was busy. I had children. I had a life and a pattern that kept us stressed but content.


    And then I tried anyway. I can still only barely believe the success I have found. And yet, none of it was magic.


    Those skills and tricks that I had to learn the hard way can be repeated again and again with great success


    Now it's your turn. I've made it my mission to help moms like you so that you can skip the learning curve and fast-track to success – even without help at home from a partner or nanny.

    Whether you're happiest in your home or on a tropical island (COVID depending, of course!) I'm here to give you the tools to skip straight to success.

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